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Alaska is a vast land, well deserving of the title "The Last Frontier." The majesty stretches from the lush forests of the Inside Passage to the open tundra of the North Slope. From the borders of British Columbia, to the wind swept Aleutian Islands. Explore  these far flung communities on your own terms by driving Alaska's "other" highway. 

The ferries of Alaska in many cases are the only links to our network of highways. Since the Ferry System is an extension of our road system it has been given the name "Alaska Marine Highway System". 
Check out the ALASKA 511 Map. Click on a Ferry for detailed information, destination and ETA.


Download a PDF Map of Alaska showing the roads and routes from Bellingham (near Seattle) Washington to Anchorage and out West on the Aleutian Islands chain. Zoom in on the various areas outlined below to explore your Alaska Dream. Ferry routes are indicated in green.  
Take a look at the ALASKA MAP. You can even zoom in for a detailed, up-close view. Look for green lines that identify the ferry routes .

Photo Courtesy John Hyde, 
Southeast Alaska Tourism Council.


Alaska's Inside Passage treats you to spectacular natural beauty, an unmatched variety of wildlife, plus a rich mixture of Native, Early Russian and Gold Rush History. For those coming from Canada or the "lower 48", the trip north to Alaska on the marine highway most often begins at Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada or Bellingham, Washington. At the northern end of the route, Haines and Skagway link visitors and residents alike to the Alaskan Highway. Connections are made in Juneau to the Ferries that serve Anchorage via Whittier in South Central Alaska. See the next section that describes "Cross-Gulf" Service. 


There is limited ferry service in both directions between Juneau, on the Inside Passage Route, and Whittier, near Anchorage in Southcentral Alaska. Connecting train service is available for foot passengers between Whittier and Anchorage. Ferries operate on this route from Bellingham, Washington, about twice a month month in the summer, and provide limited service between Juneau and Anchorage in the winter (with connecting service to Bellingham, Washington). As this Cross-Gulf route is limited, travelers may have to use the Southeast Port of Haines, on the north end of the Inside Passage, as an alternate port for access to Anchorage and Fairbanks. Travel on the road between Haines and Anchorage (about 800 miles) requires driving thru Canada and proof of citizenship is required. 


The coastal communities of Southcentral Alaska are the outdoor playgrounds for more than half of the state's population. The Southcentral ferry service takes you through beautiful Prince William Sound and into the Gulf of Alaska and Lower Cook Inlet. Ferry travelers thrill to spectacular views of ice-blue glaciers, tranquil fjords, lush forests, and unbelievable concentrations of seabirds and marine wildlife. Serving Anchorage via Whittier, these ferries also provide service to Valdez, Cordova and Kodiak. Southbound connections are available about once per month in the summer to Juneau and the Inside Passage routes with thru service to Prince Rupert and Bellingham. 

The Southcentral route connects to the Southwest route through scheduled services from
Homer and Whittier to Kodiak. 


Remote, beautiful, and mysterious best describes Alaska's Southwest. See it for yourself on the Alaska Marine Highway. The Southwest route provides ferry service from Kodiak to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, with stops  at several communities along the Alaska Peninsula. From gentle coastal grasslands, to rumbling snow-capped volcanoes, Southwest Alaska has a character and charm all its own. This land of mystery is home to numerous national wildlife refuges, hundred of species of sea birds, fur seal colonies, walrus and other wildlife.

Photo Courtesy Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

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