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Daily ferries connect Juneau, Haines and Skagway in June, July and August. The Inter-Island Ferry Authority operates daily ferries between Ketchikan and Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.
Remember to allow enough time for connections between ferries.

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To search departure and arrival times utilizing this feature, please select your desired route by providing:

  • a departure port
  • a destination port, and
  • a desired travel date

Click "Search" and your search results will be displayed for you.

The search will not be able to process differing geographic routes simultaneously, you will have to search those routes separately. For instance, for travel from Bellingham to Seward, searches have to be made from Bellingham to Juneau and then Juneau to Seward. Please look at our Ports page for specific information about each of the ports the Alaska Marine Highway System visits.

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