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Small Ships Are Operating Alaska Cruises This Summer US Flagged vessels do not have to stop in Canada

April 13th, 2021

Recent developments with Canada have extended prohibitions until February 2022 for the large Cruise Ships that call Alaska in the summertime. Small ships, usually flying the United States flag are still operating, though. These smaller ships, carrying from 6 to 200 passengers, don't have to bother with starting or ending their cruises in Canada like the big, foreign-flagged vessels that can carry upwards of 4,000 people.


Smaller ships, like this one from NatGeo/Expeditions, carry about 80 passengers and have a great staff of naturalists and undersea specialists, kayaks and small zodiac boats to make your experience special. Ships of this size get into smaller coves and inlets, getting you closer to the glaciers, marine mammals like humpback whales, orca and other wildlife than larger ships. 

We can add a cruise-tour to your travel plans, too. Offering places like Denali National Park, Alaska Brown Bear viewing at Katmai National Monument or the Glaciers at Kenai Fjords, we can make your Alaskan vacation even more memorable.

There's good availability for Alaska Cruises this summer. Give us a call to discuss your Alaskan adventure at 907-772-3818. Our experienced agents have traveled Alaska and can help you make the most of your vacation!