Alaska Ferry

Just like air travel, you will need to check in with an agent inside the ferry terminal. Ensure you have a photo ID and your booking number handy.

The Alaska Marine Highway does not provide for loading or off-loading of vehicles. It is the shipper's responsibility to provide for the loading and off loading of vehicles.

You do not have to travel on the ferry with your vehicle. Vehicles not accompanied by a driver will be assessed a minimal surcharge (charge varies on departure and arrival locations). The Marine Highway does not provide loading or off-loading services, so the shipper has to arrange someone to do so.

Check in times will be listed on your booking confirmation. For travel with a vehicle out of Bellingham check in is 3 hours in advance. Most other ports are 2 hours before departure with a vehicle, and one hour before departure for walk-on passengers. Please reference your booking confirmation for check in time.

You are not allowed to sleep in your car or motorhome. The car deck will be closed during the sailing with the exception of brief openings to relieve pets or access items in your vehicle.

Most ships have two and four berth rooms, inside or outside. Inside rooms do not have a window, while outside rooms do have a window. Two berth rooms have one set of bunk beds while four berth rooms have two sets of bunk beds. Most rooms have full facilities meaning private toilet, shower, sink. Rooms are equipped with linens, pillows, and towels.

If you would like to bring a pet they will have to remain on the car deck in a suitable animal carrier or within the vehicle. You are given the chance to tend to pets during car deck call times, typically every six hours, as well as when the ferry is in a port. If time allows you may disembark the ferry to walk your animal at a port, just ensure to have your boarding pass and ID with you. Pets must be added to your reservation, and have a valid health certificate.

All ferries except the M/V Litua serving Metlakatla have a cafeteria. The M/V Tustumena and the M/V Columbia also have a full-service dining room. The cafeteria and dining room are open three times a day during meal times. While there are food options aboard, you are welcome to bring food aboard the ferry.

Walk-on passengers traveling on the Alaska Ferry system with legal firearms or weapons are required to check these items with vessel personnel. All firearms must be unloaded and ammunition stored separately from the firearms. If traveling with a vehicle, unloaded firearms may be securely locked in a passenger's vehicle.

There is no refrigerated storage on board for passengers' commodities.

No, use of a camp stove, jetboil etc is not permitted.

You are allowed to disembark, but some port calls will not be long enough so please be mindful as to when you are required to be back on board. You will need your boarding pass and ID to get back onto the ferry.

The ferry routes are classified as a highway, thus the stops are short, typically anywhere from a half hour to three hours.

Sample Running Times
  • Bellingham to Ketchikan: 38 hours
  • Ketchikan to Juneau: 20 hours
  • Juneau to Haines: 4.5 hours

Alaska Tours

All our vacation packages are independent travel, however, we can also book small group or guided travel operated by reputable, Alaskan companies. We also have experience in planning and booking large group trips for friends, families, and corporate travel.

The itineraries listed are representative of popular routes and destinations among our past clients, however we can customize any trip you are dreaming of.

When you travel, you often get the best suggestions from locals or people who have traveled to the destination before. So why not let a knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly agent who has lived, worked, and traveled in Alaska plan a trip of a lifetime? Planning a vacation often becomes stressful and extremely time consuming, so let an Alaskan travel expert take care of the logistics of your vacation, while maximizing your time and money allowing you to truly have a trip of a lifetime.

It is always easiest to start the process with a phone conversation about what you would like to accomplish on your trip. From there we will put together one complimentary itinerary for you to review. Should you wish to see a different iteration of an itinerary a $50 per person plan to go deposit will be due. Should you chose to book with us, this payment will be put towards the cost of your trip. When you are ready to book, a 50% deposit will be due to initiate the booking process. 60 days prior to your departure final payment is due, and 30 days prior to departure you will receive all your documents and final itinerary in the mail.

Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, so its imperative to pack layers for your trip, so you can adjust and be comfortable. This means packing a base layer – meant to moisture-wick, a mid layer – meant to keep you warn, and an outer layer – meant to protect you from the elements. Quick dry material is always a good choice for pants to wear on outdoor excursions. Sensible shoes that are well broken in and comfortable for all day wear is key! Light gloves, warm hat, brimmed hat, tall socks, and sunglasses are good items to have so you are prepared for whatever the day’s weather might bring. We like to say that there’s no bad weather in Alaska, only bad gear!